Dear Customers,

It is with sadness and joy that we announce the closing of Digital Dynamics, LLC. This was not an easy decision, nor will it be an easy transition. For many this will come as a big surprise, but most other small businesses owners will agree that the federal government is “driving out" small businesses like us with socialist programs like Obamacare. So if you want to blame someone, blame a democrat!

In the last several years profit margins have been very slim. When your small business is the primary source of income for your family, these tight margins make life difficult. Fortunately, I was offered a management job working for a very profitable company in Northwestern Oklahoma. I have already started this job by the time you read this letter.

What does this mean to you, the customer? You will need to find another company to accomplish the work that Digital Dynamics performed for you.
1. If you are under a maintenance agreement, we are giving notice of cancellation. If this applies to you please contact me with how to return any keys to you.
2. If you have had a system installed in the last year, your parts warranties will still be honored (these are warranties through manufacturers). If you have a problem with something purchased from us, have your new service provider contact me and I will get the warranty repair or replacement taken care of. If the product is no longer under warranty, it will be up to your new service provider and yourself to determine the best course of action.
3. If you have an estimate from us, consider the proposal withdrawn.
4. If you have an outstanding invoice from us, please pay it promptly! I will be working closely with my attorneys to make sure this doesn’t become an issue.

Under current state laws concerning CCTV licensing, it would be illegal for me to perform any more service calls or installs under the name Digital Dynamics, LLC. I am a licensed manager for the new company only. Also, when searching for a new company, make sure they are licensed (i.e. legal) to service and install CCTV equipment. All companies are required to post their state license number with their business name in emails, business cards, on vehicles, etc.

I will be available via email to answer any questions you might have. I will also be happy to answer any questions your new service provider might have regarding any work we performed. I will be happy to email any passwords etc. that you need.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience this causes, and the extra work it will take on your part. Please note that I did try for some time to find someone to take the business over for me, but that never worked out.

Thank you for helping us survive almost 11 years in business!

Bradlee B. Hadsell
Digital Dynamics, LLC